Saturday, January 5, 2013

HOKAS Stinson Evo Tarmac

HOKAS One One, Stinson Evo Tarmac. REVIEW: Went out for a 5 km run in the Hokas this morning.

The PLUS = running in these is really like running on cloud, much more so than on the “On-Cloud” branded shoes. Fit is on the large side, but still snug enough (the perils of online ordering). Despite its size, the weight (+/- 320 grams) is really quite okay and on the light side, and my feet didn’t feel like they were carrying bricks (though they looked the part!). The cushioning really works to absorb a lot of the shocks. I had no trepidation to pound my feet in these (not recommended at all).

The MINUS = can’t feel the road, less feedback than I prefer (in return, you get “on-cloud” cushioning). My shoes scraped the ground a couple of times, because of the tall stack-height (I’m trying to run close to the ground, to minimize pounding).

CONCLUSION = still unsure, but that means I want to take them out again for future runs. Despite its towering stack-height, the heel-to-toe drop on these is 4mm, like minimalist shoes (!) So these Hokas are a combination of many things. My feet need time to digest all the mixed messages!

UPDATE (Feb 24, 2013): I have now put 44 km (27 miles) on the Hokas, and they are definitely like running on cloud! I did notice that the soreness after wearing the Hokas is in the thigh area, distinctly different than the tightness in the calf area (after using minimalist shoes). I guess as long as there is no knee pain, all should be okay. Will continue to observe and see how this goes in the long run :)

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