Saturday, January 5, 2013

Skechers GO BIONIC

REVIEW: I have been interested in these Bionic for a while. Last Friday I saw them at Gandaria City at 20% discount, plus an additional 10% OFF with Citibank card. I finally pulled the trigger, at nett price that came to Rp.700rb-ish (usd 75). 

FIT & WEIGHT: this shoe has wider toebox than the GoRuns, but still a snug fit (as it should be). All my toes, in the 5-fingers Injinji socks, has total freedom to “splash” and “splay.” At 190 gr each for my shoe size 11, these shoes are CRAZY LIGHT (lighter than NB Minimus, and significantly lighter than Nike Frees). No hot spot after my test run. All in all, TOP NOTCH

FEEL: despite its weight, these shoes doesn’t feel as HARD as my NB Minimus or Vivo Barefoot. And these shoes are CRAZY FLEXIBLE (see photo). The bottom sole has “dividers” which look like your feet. The combination of these, in theory, should allow the shoe to mimic your natural foot strike, as it will bend according to your landing pattern.

TEST RUN: I ran 10 km in them, and for a “minimal” shoes, they feel GREAT. I could feel the road (just like the NB minimus and Vivos) but I felt LESS impact. The only drawback is the “divider” in the bottom sole, which caught a small rock, and I could FEEL the rock on the palm of my feet (not a pleasant experience). Other than that, the ZERO DROP, the (absence of) weight, the flexibility, REALLY allows a natural ride (which is different for each individual). 

These shoes also force you to watch your landings, as a hard heel-strike would immediately be felt up at the knees.

CONCLUSION: these shoes are a keeper! Temporary Grade = 9/10, based on one 10k run. 

PS: here’s a more extensive review, by a much more experienced runner:

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